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Attica Cars, in Poros, Methana and Athens

Very fast service. 35€ for a medium size car with no aditional/hidden taxes. ID/drivers license/Credit/Debit Card only. 

Better rent here and use the car also on the island. Crossing from Poros to Galatas is only 6€/car and still you have a better price than renting from Galatas at almost double the price.

Premium Car Rental Services

Attica Rent a Car provides answers for some of the most common questions our customers might have before renting a car with us.

All vehicles come with a Basic Insurance package. Click below in order to find out more about other insurance packages offered with Attica Rent a Car.

Explore the wide range of cars offered with Attica Rent a Car and find the one that really meets your needs.
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Easy Payment You are offered easy payment for reserving your preferred car rental.

Low car hire rates

Get a car rental in extremely reasonable prices.

Car delivery in athens

We offer car deliveries in Athens, Poros & Methana.

Rent a Car in Poros

Cars to rent in Poros, Methana and Athens.

Attica Rent a Car provides you with car rental delivery services in Poros, Methana & Athens allowing you to make the most of your time in the fantastic capital of Greece and the famous islands of Poros and Methana.